Frequently Asked Questions

What will the weather be like?

What transport will be available from the airport to the hotels?

The conference organisers will have a help desk at the airport round the clock. Many international airlines land late in the night or early morning. The help desk will ensure that you get official taxis to your respective hotels.
Most hotels also offer a pickup service at a nominal cost.If you wish to make your own arrangements you can explore your options on the Bangalore airport website.

What local modes of travel are available in the city?

The city has a rapid transit metro rail system that connects various parts of the city. There are a variety of app-based and on-call taxi services such as Uber and Ola Cabs, and most hotels can book a taxi for you. For shorter distances you also have a large fleet of three-wheeler autorickshaws, which can accommodate three passengers.

How far are the hotels from the conference venue?

Most conference hotels are within 5 km of the venue.

What transport will be available between the conference venue and the hotels?

Coaches will be arranged from the conference hotels to the venue in the mornings and on the way back in the evenings.

What are the recommended local phone operators and how can I get access to phone and internet connectivity on my device?

The popular mobile network operators are Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL and Reliance. You will require to present an identity document (passport), a copy of your visa, a passport-size photo and your local address, for a pre-paid sim card. There will be a purchase price for the sim card which excludes talk time. Internet packages will have to be bought separately and added to your sim card. The best place to obtain a sim card is through your hotel concierge..

Which are the preferred hotels?

We have negotiated special discounted rates at some of the hotels.More 

Is there student accommodation?

Student accommodation is limited. We are exploring the possibility of students staying with the faculty members. Details will follow.

How do I dress?

Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city and any form of dress is okay. Indians tend to dress conservatively most of the time.

How safe is Bangalore?

Bangalore is a relatively safe city for solo travellers throughout the day. The usual precautions are advised for late night travel, that is to travel in groups and not make any cash transactions with unknown strangers.

Can I attend yoga sessions?

We are organising yoga sessions at the venue in the mornings and evenings facilitated by the NIMHANS yoga centre. Anyone who wants more advanced sessions or information can contact us.

What is the social program going to be?

Surprise! It will be a cultural feast and a lot of fun!!

What is the official language of the conference?



Yes, WiFi will be available at the venue, in addition to a room with computers and printing facilities.


Closer to the conference date, we will ask for your preferences. We will arrange guided visits accompanied by our trainees or research assistants to the various labs and facilities at NIMHANS. Please have a look at the NIMHANS website to see what interests you.

Can I bring children to the conference?

While the content of the conference itself will not be suitable for children, if you have childcare needs, special arrangements can be made. Please contact the organising committee with your personal query.

What About the Food at the conference

Indians show their hospitality through food!! We will be paying a lot of attention to your lunch and coffee breaks. Hot food will be served at lunch and we assure you it will be clean, tasty and healthy.

Will my dietary requirements be accommodated?

We will try our best to accommodate your dietary options. Please notify the organisers of your requirements at the earliest.

What are the best places to try traditional Indian cuisine?

Bangalore has a wide variety of restaurants that go beyond just traditional regional cuisine. Visit for updates on the best places to sample traditional South Indian cuisine and cuisines from the rest of India.

Where can I get good quality international cuisine?

The growing cosmopolitan crowd of Bangalore and increasingly well-travelled locals have led to higher standards of international restaurants catering to tastes from all over the world. This link will give you a lowdown on some of the best places the city has to offer.

Are there any good food delivery options?

If you'd rather dine in the comfort of your room there are several home delivery options to choose from. Swiggy is a food delivery service that will pickup food from nearby restaurants (more than one if you choose) and deliver it to your room. Visit this link for more information: For reviews on the local restaurants and delivery on selected options visit .For a locally cooked daily changing menu delivered to your doorstep visit

What are some of the recommended places to shop for local handicrafts?

India has a rich heritage of handmade products highlighting traditional art forms and crafts many of which can be found in Bangalore. Please visit this link for details on the best places to shop.