Our Philosophy

A broad-based multidisciplinary approach is the core philosophy and pattern around which the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) was is built. Developing the highest standards of clinical care, setting the benchmarks for the country in post-graduate training, facilitating high-quality and translatable research, and providing leadership for national policies have been the hallmarks of this distinguished institute.

Our Achievements

NIMHANS has been successful in implementing several technological innovations, on par with the advances elsewhere in the world. The Institute continues to be the largest training centre for mental health and neuroscience professionals in the country. It is actively committed to imparting advanced technical knowledge to medical, para-medical and nursing professionals to promote skills and evolve employable manpower to meet the needs of the nation.

Spread across 135 verdant acres in the heart of the garden city, NIMHANS offers the latest medical advances in an environment that promotes mental health and enhances a sense of wellness. The state-of- the-art facilities bolstered by highly skilled professionals and technicians—who are dedicated to providing patients with compassionate and comprehensive care—make NIMHANS a centre of excellence and specialized expertise.

New Initiatives

The last two decades have seen the emergence of several new initiatives in mental health services and research at NIMHANS. Notable among them are the

Centre for Addiction Medicine (also provide services for women with substance use)
The Brain Bank
The NIMHANS Centre for Well Being
The Neurobiology Research Centre
The Centre for Advanced Research in Yoga
The Translational Psychiatry Laboratory
The Schizophrenia lab
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services
Disaster management
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Centre
Tele Psychiatry
Virtual Knowledge Network
The NIMHANS Heritage Museum
Perinatal Psychiatry Services

The facilities, labs, projects and faculty at NIMHANS welcome you to interact with us – please get in touch.

You can visit any of the facilities, community projects and labs while you are here. Please send us your requests beforehand on the Contact Us page with the title – 'visit requests' and we will facilitate these visits for you.

For more details please see, http://www.nimhans.ac.in/

Convention Centre

The state-of- the-art NIMHANS Convention Centre offers excellent facilities for conferences, seminars, trade shows, expositions, and media events. The Centre houses three auditoriums with advanced amenities and seating capacities ranging from 150 to 850. The Centre also has a well-appointed dining hall, ample parking facility, and storage and guest rooms. With easy accessibility and a central location, the Centre has hosted several national and international conferences in various disciplines.

The NIMHANS Convention Centre is a modern and well equipped facility within the NIMHANS campus.

It has- 
Three halls with a capacity to accommodate  850, 250 and 150 people

A Boardroom which is excellent for interactive meetings and can accommodate 100 people.

Several break out rooms for smaller discussions, workshops and meetings within the centre and also as part of the larger NIMHANS university campus

Spaces for networking- we are aware that a lot of the learning happens outside the lectures as well. To facilitate this we will have comfortable `seating and meeting nooks' for you to network before and after the meetings and during breaks

Ample Poster Space- there is space for 100 posters on both floors

A Time Out room for yoga and meditation 

Ample restroom facilities 

A cloak room to keep your belongings

A guest house room if you would like to change and  freshen up 

The whole venue is air conditioned